Self, publishing.

Indeed it would be possible, with careful scouring of the Internet, to reconstruct my life from blogs. There was a Myspace, then a Xanga, then a Livejournal (or two, I’ve lost track), notes on Facebook, the emails I sent the entire University of Minnesota Morris campus begging for rides home to Minneapolis – but these were never, dear Internet, intended to be serious.

The fact is, I never thought the Internet would become what it is today: a spinning vortex of rage-commentary in which one is nevertheless chided to represent oneself in a flattering manner. I never thought I would be a professional writer, either. I wonder what else should probably never happen, and will?

So: welcome to my Web site. Don’t stray too far away; its format is minimalist, its commentary sparse, and gentle reader, the Internet gets weird out there, don’t you know. Thanks for listening.





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2 responses to “Self, publishing.

  1. Don’t forget That one was as serious as it gets.

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